PenaMax is an all-natural dietary supplement from AMS® formulated for men who are looking to increase stamina, endurance, and improve overall sexual performance in an entirely natural manner.

  • - Improves blood flow
  • - Helps increase sexual desire
  • - Supports penile health
  • - Improves overall sexual performance in men


Sperm Count Max is a dietary supplement created by AMS® to improve sperm count as well as reproductive health for men having documented sperm count issues.

  • - Helps increase sperm count
  • - Improves semen quality
  • - Promotes male reproductive health
  • - Sperm Count Max is a dietary supplement created by AMS® to improve sperm count as well as reproductive health for men having documented sperm count issues.


DHEA is a hormone produced by your body’s adrenal glands. These are glands just above the kidneys. It functions as a precursor to male and female sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, where testosterone and estrogen production generally decline with age.

  • - Age-defying benefits
  • - Great for bone strength
  • - Male & Female Hormone Precursor
  • - Besides hormone regulation
  • intake of DHEA supplements helps increase bone mineral density in men and women.


AMS® Fertilimax is a formula that supports the brain and spinal development of the embryo when taken by women prior to pregnancy. This is mainly because it delivers all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to support this development.

  • - Helps improve egg & embryo quality with DHEA
  • - Helps improve IVF pregnancy chances
  • - Supports improvement of egg quality
  • - Supports ovarian reserve


AMS® Ova-Max is a natural blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which work together to improve women’s egg and embryo quality by strengthening the antioxidant defense mechanism thus preventing oxidative stress.

  • - Supports improvement of ovarian functions
  • - Helps improve quality of eggs and oocytes
  • - Strengthens Antioxidant defenses


FibroMed is a dietary supplement from AMS® containing a unique formula with Chasteberry and Red clover as key ingredients. Chasteberry helps promote hormonal balance, while Red clover helps improve circulatory function, which is crucial for reproductive function

  • - Helps Improve circulatory function
  • - Helps maintain the health of ovaries and uterus
  • - Helps establish hormonal balance


AMS®, the leading brand in reproductive fertility supplements, has crafted a natural remedy for couples having difficulty conceiving. The product was formulated bearing in mind that 45% of infertility in couples is due to the male factor.

  • - Supports Male Factor in infertility
  • - Helps improve sperm count motility and morphology
  • - Helps increase chances of conceiving


AMS® WFS Plus is an all-natural supplement formulated by doctors to support the enhancement of ovulatory functions and help improve insulin sensitivity. These are crucial elements that facilitate the process for women to conceive and have overall healthy fertility functions.

  • - Helps improve insulin sensitivity
  • - Helps enhance ovulatory functions
  • - Supports women with PCOS
  • - Supports Enhancement of follicular development